About Us

A little about who we are.

Our Story

Camel City Jazz Orchestra was founded in January 2012 to perform and cultivate jazz music in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina and to serve as the community’s own professional big band. Our organization is dedicated to developing a promoting a vibrant jazz culture in Winston-Salem through performances and educational programs.

Our Board of Directors

Rachel S. Barron
Roberts Bass
Joanne Coman Davidson
Mickey Flynn
Andrew J. Gerber (Secretary)
Matt Kendrick (Chair)
Matt Kosma (Artistic Director/Treasurer)
Cameron MacManus
John Milner
Joseph F. Mount
Dave Reid
Connie Quinn Schroeder
Rusty Smith
Jill S. Stricklin (Executive Director)

Our Mission


Excellence:  We will present the highest quality musical and educational experience possible.

Education:  We will share our musical knowledge and talent to inform, inspire, and expand the awareness and appreciation of jazz.

Community:  We will engage a diverse group of supporters whose shared love of jazz can build greater connections in our community.

Discovery:  We will encourage the exploration of the many styles that form the rich heritage of jazz.

Creativity:  We will take an innovative approach to the presentation of jazz and foster its development as a living art form.


To present jazz performances, provide learning experiences, and create a supportive and rewarding environment for the development of musical talent.


To become a leading jazz orchestra and an established part of the Piedmont Triad community.


To celebrate and perpetuate the uniquely American art form of jazz.